Our credo is our commitment to the "primitive”, focusing on where and how our materials are produced.


Carl Linnaeus (later von Linné), the Swedish botanist and "father of taxonomy" who later influenced Darwin's theory of evolution, built the basis for today's idea of ecology. We find deep inspiration in his uncompromising quest for knowledge and peerless creativity, so our brand, Linne Organics, is named after him. In today's fast fashion, speed, cost, and efficiency are put before everything. We pursue the kind of craftsmanship that fast fashion can't. At Linne Organics, we work within the local environment and the local ecosystem to create locality-based products that don't rely on agrochemicals or synthetics. Our products are currently produced in Cambodia with dyes taken from local plants, stained with traditional methods which take advantage of the natural fibers. Experienced craftsmen use traditional techniques to weave these fibers by hand, delivering one-of-a-kind items to your door.